Based in Italy Yelena Smirnova is a designer and creator behind Yelena Accessories and who is renowned for creating exquisite floral accessories by hand for wedding and occasion wear. She works with many leading bridal designers and private clients.

Yelena has a strong fashion background, having graduated in Fashion Design BA (Hons) from University of Salford, United Kingdom.

The beauty of natural flowers has fascinated and inspired Yelena since a young age. With her eye for detail and creative instincts, making silk flowers was a natural progression.

It’s a delicate tradition. And shrouded in secrecy. But Yelena learnt her skills from her grandmother who was a flower maker. And she quickly mastered the art with ease.

Each floral accessory takes hours of workmanship to create. Each is made with meticulous precision in a craft based on antique tools. Every single petal, stamen and leaf is sculpted with skill. This is an art form that stretches back over centuries.

Each design is delicately handcrafted  with attention to detail, using the unique materials and traditional couture techniques. A modern approach to style and materials is expertly used for creating a romantic yet contemporary look.

Yelena offers every client her individual care and attention, with an exceptional service. And equally exceptional taste. Yelena can also advise you on which flowers will compliment your dress. How’s that for effortless chic!

Choose your bridal headpiece or accessory to match your wedding gown Or commission a bespoke couture design.

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